Ming Mu’s Artist Statement

Like all of us, I (we) have more or less 15 personalities.
Okay, let’s say more.

We are currently studying painting and drawing (Concordia University),
but we (like you) come from different backgrounds.
…It just develops various points of view,
though we still have just one pair of eyes (it’s a pity).
Therefore, we are very interested to see throughout yours,
to get under your skin, and feel your heartbeat.

We agree with theories stating that art takes part in life :
we (all of us) are multidisciplinary, and thus,
we are as much eclectic and schizoid as our lives. And so is our “style”.
Hence, we believe that one artist does not equal just one style.

…We love abstraction, figuration, performance art, installations, and so on.
We love creation,
from the inspiration to this magic moment where (good and bad) things are happening.
And we don’t like. We love.

…We are a joyful mess,
using a bamboo brush to paint Geishas on the top of acrylic dripping layers,
or turning ourselves into a canvas (in a white dress waiting to be soaked with life’s colors).
…And sometimes, we even go for traditional art!

Now tell us about you, that’s what we want to know.


1 thought on “Ming Mu’s Artist Statement

  1. Ming Mu, I love you! I do not know all your personalities, but so far, all those I have been in acquaintance with, I love them all. Truly.

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